Showing Sports Bettors the
Best Odds, All the Time

By monitoring odds on multiple sportsbooks, we're constantly tracking opportunities and discovering SMART bets. At SmartLines, we strive to show you how to take advantage of the varying odds.

Our mission is to connect sports bettors with the best odds, every time

SmartLines Launching February 2019

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Hundreds of sportsbooks offer different odds for the same event.
We find the ones that pay you the most.

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Smart Sports Betting Aggregator

Compare sportsbooks to identify arbitrage opportunities and ensure you’re betting on the best odds available.

Beginner Friendly User Interface

New to online sports betting? So were we (once upon a time). SmartLines is easy to use with an explanatory onboarding for those that want to learn!

Educational Resources

Want to get into sports betting? We are excited to offer easy to follow guides and micro learning resources!

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Meet the All-Star Team

Meet the Team

Andrew Cameron

Business Lead

BSc. Physics
Algorithms Development

Tyler MacNeill

Strategy Lead

MA Economics
Domain Expert

Moosa Baquie

Tech Lead

BSc. Computer Science
Full Stack Developer

SmartLines is proudly a part of the Next 36 Summer 2018 Cohort.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I need accounts on other sportsbooks to place bets right now?

A: Currently, yes.

For users who currently have accounts with sportsbooks, our aggregator can help show where the smartest bets can be placed. Or, for a given game, which sportsbook provides the best odds.

For users interested in setting up accounts on different sportsbooks, our aggregator can give you a taste for which books often give good odds on the games you plan to start betting on. Sports betting research can be time consuming and complicated. We want to show you simple ways to take advantage of desirable odds and start making money.

Q: What makes SmartLines different than other sports betting aggregation sites?

A: One of the biggest challenges of taking advantage of the best odds on the market is the accounts required to do so. Acquiring and maintaining accounts on multiple sportsbooks is a hassle, and tackling this problem by providing access to sportsbooks is how SmartLines brings a game-changing strategy to sports betting. By partnering with Sportsbooks around the globe, our plan is to be your one-stop-shop for sports betting.
By using SmartLines, new players will be offered an easy-to-use explanatory onboarding to help with the unfamiliarity of the sports betting online world.

Q: Okay then, how do you make money?

A: We are currently in the development stage and free to use. Our priority is user growth and relationship building.

Q: Why bet online? I’m used to going to the convenience store!

A: Online sports is quickly moving into the mainstream, with more sportsbooks popping up all the time. While government offered betting options (like you see in North American convenience stores) have historically leveraged brand trust over their poor payouts, today there are many reliable online betting alternatives with significantly better odds.

Q: Does it cost money to use SmartLines?

A: No, we are a for-the-player betting company. After betting countless times ourselves, we started SmartLines to develop a more systematic way of taking advantage of the countless opportunities in this fragmented and unstandardized market. If we can make it easier for you to play smart and increase your chances of making money, we’ve done the job we set out to do.